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E-commerce Software promo code – January 2023

E-commerce Software

Developing an e-commerce business is ideal for taking advantage of all the benefits of the web. You will be able to offer your products to your customers 24/7. In addition, it will be easier to adapt to trends or to sell internationally. However, to give yourself the best chance of success, it is important to follow certain key steps when implementing your project. It is essential to use reputable e-business tools to help your new business platform.

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About E-commerce

How to build an ecommerce platform?

If you want to develop your business on the web, like many merchant websites, you must follow a number of essential steps.

Firstly, you will need to precisely identify the sector of activity or the type of items you wish to sell. Next, it is important to analyze the competition and the market situation to determine whether you should opt for a B2B or B2C business approach.

Next, it is necessary to know which payment methods you will accept, which delivery methods you will offer, and which products you want to add to your product list.

The next step is to choose your online service provider to create and host your ecommerce site. Finally, you need to write the content of the different pages and the product sheets.

To attract new customers and boost sales, it is also necessary to deploy an effective marketing strategy. This will improve traffic to your website and increase conversion.

What is a multi-vendor ecommerce platform?

A multi-vendor ecommerce platform is also called a marketplace. On such a site, buyers are put in contact with different sellers. It works like an online shopping center. Among the most famous marketplaces, we can mention Ebay or Amazon.

How does ecommerce differ from traditional commerce?

Selling your products via a physical shop or opening an online store are two very different processes. This is because ecommerce and traditional commerce have important differences:

- Traditional commerce is largely carried out in points of sales, whereas ecommerce is carried out on the internet

- In retail outlets, sales are only made during opening hours, whereas on the internet, the customer can buy 24 hours a day

- The sales of traditional business take place in the catchment area. In ecommerce, it is possible to market products globally.

What type of ecommerce is most successful?

In terms of business models and customer base, the most successful type of ecommerce is undoubtedly B2C or Business to Consumer. In this type of ecommerce, a company sells goods to a consumer.

As far as product categories are concerned, clothing and fashion items as well as furniture and decoration products are in high demand by consumers. Sales of these categories have increased in 2021 by +6% and +18% respectively.

How does web hosting help ecommerce?

Web hosting is essential because it will strongly influence the user experience and performance of your online shop. Indeed, hosting that is not adapted to an ecommerce shop will cause problems with page loading speed. In addition, you may experience insufficient security.

Also, bandwidth and file storage must be important as your site will contain many high-resolution photos.

Thus, quality web hosting ensures a high return on your investment, as your site will be fast, secure, and will not experience downtime problems.

What type of hosting do I need for ecommerce?

When creating an online shop, the question of hosting quickly arises. These are four main types of hosting:

- Dedicated hosting

- Shared hosting

- VPS hosting

- Cloud hosting

Shared hosting is inexpensive. However, it is not very relevant for professional use, especially in ecommerce. VPS hosting is quite similar and for this reason, we do not necessarily recommend it.

It is preferable to opt for dedicated hosting for better performance and data security. Finally, cloud hosting is safer for an online business, as it is a flexible and very secure solution. We recommend this last solution.

Do I need a host for my ecommerce platform?

It all depends on the ecommerce platform you use. Indeed, some platforms such as Wix are all-in-one ecommerce solutions. Therefore, hosting is integrated in the commercial offer and Wix itself takes care of hosting your website.

In contrast, Woo Commerce is a WordPress extension. You must first have a website built with WordPress. This CMS requires hosting.

What are the four types of ecommerce?

To successfully create an online shop, it is essential to define your project. One of the most important aspects is to identify the type of ecommerce you are going to set up. Indeed, there are 4 main types of transactions. It is therefore necessary to know the one that most represents the activity you want to create. This will allow you to design an appropriate ecommerce site and choose the most relevant ecommerce platform.

You can create an ecommerce site based on one of these types of ecommerce:

- Business-to-Business (B2B)

- Business-to-Consumer (B2C)

- But also Consumer-to-Business (C2B)

- And Consumer-to-Consumer (C2C)

Do I need an ecommerce platform?

Setting up an online shop is not easy. That is why ecommerce platforms offer their services. These platforms are turnkey online shops, so to speak. They are based on SaaS or Software-as-a-Service.

Therefore, after creating your account on the platform, you can design your website yourself, customize the homepage, or integrate product sheets via simplified editors.

In other words, an ecommerce platform allows you to save time and the services of a web developer to create your web shop. In addition, since your shop is integrated into a platform, you benefit from the latter’s visibility and your natural referencing is greatly facilitated.

How to choose the right ecommerce platform?

To develop your online business, you need to create your online shop on a high-performance platform. To assess the suitability of different ecommerce platforms, you need to look out for several key criteria such as:

- An easy-to-use platform

- The division of products by categories

- An internal search bar to find products

- Different payment options

- Pages that adapt to all types of screens

- Integration with email marketing solutions

By taking these considerations into account, you can ensure that your business develops smoothly in the medium and long term.

What is the best ecommerce platform for startups?

To successfully launch your ecommerce offering, it is best to use an ecommerce platform. They allow you to centralize your efforts and guarantee performance that meets your expectations.


First of all, you can use, without hesitation, Prestashop. It is one of the most renowned platforms. This 100% online solution is perfect for creating your website and launching your business with ease. To begin with, Prestashop offers the possibility to design and customize an online shop. Then, you can reach your target audience by sharing content on social networks or your blog to generate traffic. Finally, the sale and management of your business is fully managed online via comprehensive and powerful dashboards.


It only takes a few minutes to design a nice online shop with Wix. With over 500 designer themes, you can easily find the right look for your project. In addition, all sites are mobile-optimized and can be customized. Secondly, advanced SEO tools are perfect for working on your SEO directly via the Wix platform. The all-in-one solution gives you access to free hosting so you can get started as quickly as possible.


With Shopify, you can start your online business quickly and easily. With just a few clicks, you can design your own custom website to sell in France or internationally. Integrated dashboards are available to manage your entire business: transaction tracking, shipment tracking, total sales, everything is there. In addition, the platform has features to increase your visibility. You can reach your target audience effectively through SEO optimization or optimization of your marketing campaigns.