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Application Monitoring Software promo code – January 2023

Application Monitoring Software

When developing applications, whether they are web applications or mobile applications on iOS and Android, performance is the key to success. To avoid offering applications full of bugs or user interface problems, the use of an application monitoring solution is a must. As the name suggests, this tool allows you to monitor the performance of the applications you have deployed. This type of software is ideal for increasing the efficiency of your technical teams, improving the speed of the development cycle and ultimately the attractiveness and quality of the applications your company offers.

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About Application Monitoring

How can I monitor my application?

To ensure the performance and security of applications, it is necessary to monitor various key indicators. These can be response times, database connections, or network connections.

Taking these elements into account and monitoring them continuously allows you to identify malfunctions as quickly as possible and to speed up the resolution of problems. This allows you to improve the application and to offer quality performance at all times in order to retain your customers.

If you want to implement optimal performance management, you need to use monitoring software.

What does an application monitoring tool do?

Application monitoring software or APM software is used by technical teams to monitor and evaluate the performance of web or mobile applications. In this context, various elements are monitored such as system response, transaction volume, or even the type of device and user OS.

All this information is then integrated and visualized in a dashboard. Various graphs and statistics allow the data to be organized and conclusions to be drawn. At any time, developers and engineers have access to accurate information that allows them to evaluate the performance of the application or an overall application infrastructure. Even the user experience offered to the app’s end users can be monitored and evaluated.

The interest of this monitoring is twofold. On the one hand, you can detect malfunctions and their causes as early as possible. In this way, your employees can intervene to resolve the identified bugs or any other technical problem. On the other hand, application monitoring is essential for carrying out tests. For example, to evaluate the number of installations and performance during a load increase, it is very important to have a dedicated application. This will allow you to speed up your company’s software production and improve the performance of the applications you build.

What is the best application monitoring software?

First and foremost, when selecting the most appropriate monitoring software for your business, it is best to choose a solution that includes:

- Comprehensive, real-time monitoring of application infrastructure, user experience, and network performance

- Numerous qualitative reports centralized in a dashboard

- Features designed for web applications, mobile applications or both, depending on your project and the nature of your business.

To successfully monitor applications and guarantee their performance at all times, there are reputable monitoring tools. These will allow you to carry out a qualitative and complete monitoring of your web application or your mobile application.

New Relic Mobile

Founded in 2008 and valued at over 3 billion dollars, New Relic offers New Relic Mobile. By using this tool, you can put yourself in the user’s shoes and better identify gaps or performance issues in your mobile application. This solution is able to analyze functional scenarios, memory, or CPU consumption, but also to measure the network performance of your application. In addition, New Relic Mobile includes comprehensive incident reports. This allows you to see how many users are experiencing malfunctions based on the mobile operating system of their device or the version of the application they are using.


One of the most famous application monitoring tools is without a doubt Raygun. It will greatly facilitate the work of your technical teams, as they will be able to quickly identify problems in the application’s code itself. As soon as Raygun detects an error, it reports the information. The report contains all the elements necessary for a quick correction: browser used and its version, user’s operating system, host, class name, or even application loading time. Furthermore, this tool can be efficiently integrated with business applications such as GitHub, Jira, or Bitbucket, but also with Angular, React, Ember, or Vue.js frameworks.

Firebase Crashlytics

To increase efficiency, your employees should use Firebase Crashlytics. This application monitoring software is able to detect, prioritize, and track performance issues. This provides visibility into the technical issues that need to be resolved and helps speed up the development cycle. Problems can be categorized into new, emerging, and regressed problems for prioritized resolution. In addition, the solution integrates seamlessly with your existing workflows, as Firebase Crashlytics works seamlessly with project management tools such as Jira or Slack. This means that employees can organize and collaborate more effectively to deliver a smooth and efficient application to your customers.


The AppDynamics tool is designed for both web and mobile applications. It allows you to deploy a monitoring process for IT application projects. The solution continuously monitors network requests in real time and records events. User sessions are classified by country, device type, operating system and, if applicable, mobile operator. In addition, AppDynamics is also able to provide you with valuable information about how the user interacts with the screen. If the application malfunctions, a screenshot of the user is created and sent to your teams. They then have all the information they need to identify the problem and correct it as soon as possible.