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A platform to increase the growth of your startup

To support the development of startups, Snowflake offers a programme specially designed for them. Snowflake for Startups offers startups all the necessary elements (financial, technical, and marketing resources) to create successful applications or products via the data cloud.

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General information about Snowflake

Launching a startup is never an easy task. There are many obstacles and it is necessary to respond quickly to the different issues, whether they are financial, human or technological.

This is why Snowflake offers a complete programme for small businesses. To help them take off, Snowflake for Startups offers professional support to help them develop data applications in the cloud.

Specifically, eligible startups receive free access to Snowflake during the startup phase to design and optimize their products. In addition, Snowflake’s application architecture experts advise startups that are part of the programme. This allows them to take full advantage of the platform and benefit from all its advantages.

In addition, one of the great strengths of this programme is that it amplifies the reach of the companies, as Snowflake makes its marketing channels available to startups. They have the opportunity to be promoted by Snowflake at different occasions such as community events or user groups. All this allows for deep integration into the ecosystem of leaders who develop and share their applications and products via the Snowflake data cloud.

In short, Snowflake for Startups is ideal for getting consistent support during your development and growth phase. Experts will support your team to take full advantage of cloud technologies and achieve your overall business goals.

Snowflake features

Grow your startup with data cloud experts

  • Benefit from full support

    The team of this SaaS platform provides professional mentoring to help you build a business on Snowflake. You avoid obstacles, optimize your processes and reach your goals faster.

  • Optimize your business finances

    Access free credits to quickly build and scale your data-driven applications and products. Snowflake enables you to design, test and optimize applications in the best possible way.

  • Build a product for the future

    Partner with Snowflake for Startups’ team of experienced engineers to receive quality support and advice at all times. This way you can be sure to design a successful product in the medium and long term.

  • Significantly improve your brand awareness

    Snowflake for Startups helps you reach new customers. Grow faster and boost your visibility with high visibility go-to-market opportunities. Your brand builds its reputation quickly to increase growth.

  • Join the data cloud community

    Snowflake provides you with influence. Build a network, learn from the best experts, and exchange ideas with startups who are developing their data application or product on the Snowflake data cloud.

Snowflake: Pros & Cons


  • Scalability: Virtual warehouses and resizing of data nodes enable optimization
  • Speed of deployment: The tool can be quickly implemented without affecting business operations
  • File formats: The Snowflake platform supports data uploads in JSON, Euro, ORC, Parquet and XML


  • Data security: Cloud layer is shared between clients
  • Unstructured data: The cloud platform only supports structured and semi-structured data
  • Potentially high cost: Using too much data can drive up bills
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