13 Best Alternatives to Zendesk in September 2023

Alternatives & Competitors to Zendesk

Discover Zendesk alternatives, competitors and other similar Customer Experience software. When selecting the right tool that's similar to Zendesk, consider factors like user-friendly interfaces, pricing, and features. Each software has its pros and cons so you can decide on the right tool to best suit your small business. We've compiled a list of top Zendesk competitors to simplify your decision. Explore options like HubSpot, Freshworks, Intercom or Freshdesk to determine the best fit for your startup.

List of Alternatives to Zendesk

From Customer Experience tools, we have selected the best alternatives to Zendesk based on reviews for each solution and similarities with Zendesk. Of course, each solution has its benefits and drawbacks, and its own features but, whether you are a small business, a startup or a large enterprise, you will find the right choice that empowers your projects.

logo hubspot


CRM, marketing automation & customer service software suite

HubSpot compared to Zendesk

HubSpot has more positive reviews than Zendesk: 94 vs 87

HubSpot is better at support than Zendesk: 4.6 vs 4.1

HubSpot is more suitable for small businesses thanks to its good value for money than Zendesk: 4.4 vs 4.2

Zendesk is more versatile than HubSpot: 110 vs 96

HubSpot: Pros & Cons

All-in-one solution: HubSpot’s suite integrates CRM, marketing and sales features
Free features: HubSpot’s Core CRM tool is available for free
Customization: The platform allows you to customize many elements to suit your business and sales processes
Pricing plans: From one plan to another, the price difference can be significant
Integration fees: These fees are in addition to the monthly fees and can be expensive
Marketing Automation : Deploying workflows can be time consuming and complex

Best features

  • - Content management

  • - Integrations and API

  • - Reporting and analytics

  • - Sales pipeline management

  • - Lead scoring and segmentation

  • - Sales email tracking and templates

  • - Predictive lead scoring

  • - Automation and workflows


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logo freshworks


Software suite for sales, marketing, and customer service teams

Freshworks: Pros & Cons

Quick onboarding: Easy to learn, your employees can quickly start using it
Automation features: The Sales and Marketing tool offers relevant workflow automation
Attractive pricing: This SaaS tool has attractive plans for all profiles
Lack of third party integrations: Freshworks has a limited number of integrations
French translation: Some features show gaps in translation
Customer service: Freshworks customer service is sometimes unresponsive

Best features

  • - Personalize interactions with your leads and customers

  • - Improved ticket management

  • - Collaboration

  • - Analytics and reporting

  • - Automate your sales process

  • - Omnichannel support

  • - AI-powered chatbots

  • - Multilingual support

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logo intercom


Strengthen relationships with your customers with an online messaging system.

Intercom compared to Zendesk

Intercom has better positive reviews compared to Zendesk: 91 vs 87

Intercom is better at customer service than Zendesk: 4.6 vs 4.1

Zendesk is more suitable for small businesses thanks to its good value for money than Intercom: 4.2 vs 4.1

Intercom is more versatile than Zendesk: 160 vs 110

Intercom: Pros & Cons

Quick installation: Intercom’s software is quick to set up, deploy, and get up and running
Knowledge base: The solution offers robust documentation
Custom chatbots: By connecting to your technology stack, chatbots can automate workflows efficiently
Customer support: Customer service on Intercom’s platform is unresponsive
Pricing: The pricing plans for this communication tool are relatively high
Complex integration: Integrating the software with your CRM and database can be time consuming

Best features

  • - Collaborate with your team

  • - Automate conversations

  • - Chat with your customers in real time

  • - Access data to personalize customer conversations

  • - Easily onboard new customers

Intercom pricing


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$74 / month


1 year free on the Support or Engage plans (Save $3,108)
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logo freshdesk


Customer service software to optimize your client communication

Freshdesk compared to Zendesk

Freshdesk has better positive reviews compared to Zendesk: 100 vs 87

Freshdesk is better at customer service than Zendesk: 5.0 vs 4.1

Zendesk is better at value for money than Freshdesk: 4.2 vs 0.1

Zendesk is more versatile than Freshdesk: 110 vs 33

Freshdesk vs Zendesk

Full comparison of Freshdesk & Zendesk

Freshdesk: Pros & Cons

Simplicity: The interface is easy to use and user-friendly
Functionality: Many communication channels are available and customization is advanced
Integration: This customer support software integrates with many tools
Analysis limitations: The information on transactions is limited
Pricing: The price is high for large requirements which can be a problem for small companies
Learning curve: Advanced features require time to learn

Best features

  • - Optimize ticket management

  • - Give users autonomy

  • - Ensure team collaboration

  • - Access customized performance reports

  • - Strengthen data security

Freshdesk pricing



$15 / user / month




$83 / user / month
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logo freshchat


A centralized and optimized messaging service

Freshchat: Pros & Cons

Ease of use: The interface is easy to learn and intuitive
Features: The online chat software offers many advanced services and can be easily integrated with other tools
Customization: The chat window can be modified according to your needs and desires
Price: The software is more expensive than most of its competitors
Mobile: The mobile experience is less conclusive than the desktop version
Missing integrations: Some users need specific integrations that are not present

Best features

  • - Respond quickly to customer requests with the chatbot

  • - Communicate with customers via your various messaging apps

  • - Boost your team's productivity

  • - Communicate in 33+ languages

  • - Optimize team management

  • - Get real-time performance reports

Freshchat pricing



$19 / user / month


$50 / user / month


$88 / user / month
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logo livechat


Customer service and chat software

LiveChat: Pros & Cons

Customization features: The solution offers a high level of customization
Software integrations: The Livechat platform has over 200 integrations
Relevant chatbots: Powerful chatbots are able to create tickets and collect leads
Message reception: There may be some delay in receiving messages in the chat
Spell check: Automatic spell check of agents would be a plus
Security of the solution: The solution is below the competition, especially because of the lack of PCI compliance

Best features

  • - Optimize customer service performance

  • - Manage teams

  • - Contact your prospects from multiple channels

  • - Access reports on your agents and their performance

  • - Secure your data

  • - Set up optimized and customized chats

  • - Boost user engagement

LiveChat pricing


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$20 / user / month


$41 / user / month


$59 / user / month
$150 credits (Team, Business and Enterprise Plans) (Save $150)
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logo liveagent


Customer support software

LiveAgent: Pros & Cons

Ideal for small teams: LiveAgent’s performance allows a small team to manage a large volume of tickets
Social networks: Integrations allow for efficient management of social channels
Tool monitoring: The team makes regular and relevant updates
Mobile application: The interface could be improved
Lack of integrations: Some integrations with enterprise systems are missing
Customization: Some users would like to have access to wider variety of themes

Best features

  • - Advanced reporting

  • - Optimize customer request management

  • - Chat with your customers live

  • - Access a call center

  • - Boost the efficiency of your FAQ

  • - Create a customer community

  • - Social media integration

  • - Gamification

LiveAgent pricing


$15 / user / month


$35 / user / month


$59 / user / month


$85 / user / month
$120 credits on any plan (Save $120)
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logo nocrm


Improve your prospecting and sales processes

noCRM compared to Zendesk

noCRM has better positive reviews than Zendesk: 98 vs 87

noCRM is better at customer support than Zendesk: 4.6 vs 4.1

noCRM pricing plans are more competitive than Zendesk: 4.6 vs 4.2

Zendesk has more functions than noCRM: 110 vs 61

noCRM: Pros & Cons

User-friendly tool: The noCRM platform is pleasant and easy to use
Pipeline management: Tracking sales pipelines is highly relevant
Scalable software: noCRM is flexible and can be adapted to any type of business
Software integrations: Third-party integrations are limited in number
Customization: More customization features would be appreciated
Customer service: Some users feel that support does not optimally meet their needs

Best features

  • - Customize and plan your sales steps and the following activities

  • - Sales Script Generator

  • - Manage your prospection lists

  • - Automated lead scoring

  • - Email integration

  • - Mobile app

  • - Access key statistics and sales reports

  • - Collaborate with your whole team.

noCRM pricing

Starter Kit

$12 / user / month

Sales Experts

$22 / user / month

Dream Team

$32 / user / month
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logo freshservice


Intelligent, flexible and intuitive ITSM software

Freshservice compared to Zendesk

Freshservice has more positive reviews than Zendesk: 95 vs 87

Freshservice is better at support than Zendesk: 4.6 vs 4.1

Freshservice pricing plans are more competitive than Zendesk: 4.5 vs 4.2

Freshservice has more options than Zendesk: 133 vs 110

Freshservice: Pros & Cons

Ease of use: Freshservice is as easy to learn as it is to deploy
Billing system: You can bill the service directly via the platform
Free plan: The platform offers a free plan for small teams
Additional fees: The platform charge fees for database records
Analysis reports: Reports are of poor quality
Software integrations: Many integrations are missing

Best features

  • - Service desk IT

  • - ITSM software

  • - IT project management

  • - Advanced reporting & analysis

  • - Self-service portal

  • - SLA management

  • - Gamification

  • - IT Asset Management

Freshservice pricing


$15 / user / month


$41 / user / month


$78 / user / month


$99 / user / month
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logo gorgias


E-commerce helpdesk platform

Gorgias: Pros & Cons

Ease of use: The online tool is easy to learn and fun to use
Value for money: Pricing plans are very relevant for the features offered
Customer support: Gorgias’ customer service is responsive and has a solid expertise
Ticket merge: The ticket merging feature is sometimes laborious
Information update: Updating the status of the completed tickets can take some time
Process automation: The rules and macros engine has some limitations

Best features

  • - Provide your customers with quality answers

  • - Accelerate request handling

  • - Simplify your agents’ work

  • - Turn customer support into a profit center

  • - Benefit from numerous integrations

  • - Provide personalized experiences to your customers

  • - Automate your customer support

  • - Analyze and optimize your customer support performance

Gorgias pricing


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$10 / month


$60 / month


$360 / month


$900 / month
2nd and 3rd month's subcription free (Save $1,800)
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logo help scout


Comprehensive customer service platform

Help Scout: Pros & Cons

Tool accessibility: The platform is easy to use
Customer service: Help Scout customer support is available 24/7
Pricing plans: The cost of the solution is reasonable and meets the needs of startups
Software integrations: More third-party integrations would be welcome
Limited customization: There are too few customization features for different teams and users
Messaging functions: Messaging functionality is too costly

Best features

  • - Empower your customers with Docs, Chat, and Messaging

  • - Maximize your efficiency with customizable workflows

  • - Personalize your customer interactions with Mailbox Behaviors

  • - Benefit from a shared inbox

  • - Harness the power of chat for your customer service

  • - Save time with automation

  • - Continuously improve your processes

Help Scout pricing


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$25 / user / month


$50 / user / month
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logo zoho


All-in-one customer relationship management software

Zoho: Pros & Cons

Easy to use: The Zoho platform is ergonomic and easy to learn
Comprehensive solution: Workflow tools cover marketing, customer service, emailing, inventory and social networking
Competitive pricing: Pricing plans are affordable, and Zoho offers a free package
AI assistant: The AI assistant doesn't add much to the platform.
Software integration: No integration is possible with the free plan.
Technical documentation: It is sometimes difficult to find all the documentation you need when you need it.

Best features

  • - Centralize your needs

  • - Accelerate sales across all channels

  • - Deploy marketing campaigns

  • - Optimize your company finances

  • - Collaborate seamlessly

  • - Manage employees

  • - Manage your projects efficiently

  • - Offer quality customer service

  • - Develop customized applications

Zoho pricing



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$59 / month


$119 / month


$299 / month
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logo reply


Multi-channel sales engagement platform

Reply io: Pros & Cons

Sales pipeline: Pipeline creation and tracking is relevant and highly effective
Automation features: AI input is useful to save valuable time in automating tasks
Customer support: Support is pleasant and competent
Third-party messaging: Synchronization with some mail servers is complex
Email formatting: Formatting possibilities are limited
Initial configuration: The first configuration is not easy

Best features

  • - Discover new prospects

  • - Engage your target audience

  • - Streamline your business processes

  • - Track and improve your performance

  • - Benefit from a variety of resources

  • - Reach your prospects instantly

  • - Optimize your outreach with AI

  • - Collaborate with your team seamlessly

Reply io pricing



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$60 / user / month


$90 / user / month
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